TCM Respects and Protects Your Privacy

With outstanding services in the commercial and office moving and storage industry, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance a company’s experience with TCM. Our office and corporate moves continue to communicate with businesses to get them up and running without hesitation. Part of this process includes inventory that will be moved and/or stored in our premium storage facility. However, we understand that there are some things that require responsibility, special security, and attention, such as sensitive data or documents.

Our commitment in this aspect of performing an office or corporate move is not something we take lightly. At TCM we strive to be exceptional in all ways, including the protection of any sensitive data regarding employees or clients of the offices we move. We understand how valuable this information is, which is why security is a top priority in all moves we provide. This a top concern that must is addressed in order to take precautions and preventative measures in regards to identity theft. Our professional team is reputable and experienced when it comes to handling confidential data with great care and consideration.

As an added security measure, we ensure your items are documented, packed, loaded, and sealed. Your packaged sensitive information will be also be checked for tampering each time it is handled. Essentially, this means that any private or sensitive materials sealed will not be unsealed until arrival at the new location.

With the rapid development of technology, many offices require data storage. This is one more feature we provide during commercial moves to maintain security. We have a designated archives team that works with files and stores media and record in our maximum security storage facility. This accommodates businesses in need of storage, either short term or long term while protecting business’ delicate data.

The Archives team works together to protect private records and ensure proper and secure storage in our warehouse facility. With our professionally trained team maintaining the safety and security of storage and data, TCM provides only exceptional service throughout the moving process in more ways than one.

With TCM, you know your sensitive data, materials, items etc. will be properly handled, stored, and kept confidential through multiple means of security. Our experience, security measures, and our exclusive storage facility are all meant to protect the privacy of our clients. You can rest assured that your important or sensitive materials will be assessed, evaluated, and processed by experts to ensure maximum security in the most appropriate way to be stored.