Inspiring Your Staff During an Office Move

  1.  The Commercial Movers
  2. TCM – Professional, Yet Personable
  3. Approaching Employees with the Big News
  4. Understanding Your Staff’s Motivational Needs
  5. Allow Short Periods of Time for Downtime
  6. Laughter Can LIghten the Mood & Lesson Some Stress
  7. Get Your Whole Team Involved
  8. Communicate With Your Staff & TCM
  9. TCM’s Office Moving Can Help Bring Staff Closer
  10. Have an Office Party with the Movers to Celebrate!
  11. TCM Wants to Cultivate a Lasting Relationship
  12. Why Choose TCM?


1. The Commercial Movers

We perform every office move professionally and efficiently beginning with pre-planning and following thru to the end to ensure we’ve exceeded customer satisfaction. However, any kind of moving can be stressful, particularly for employees when experiencing an office move.


With so many important facets in an office move, it is not a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be done with the support of the office staff, there are some techniques that may lessen that stress and anxiety that so viciously comes with moving. Office moves can actually be seen as an opportunity for revival in the office that might be much needed.

2. TCM – Professional, Yet Personable

Although TCM is a professional office moving company, we are still human and take pleasure in interactions with the employees. Professionalism is always a key quality we take pride in, but we understand how difficult the process can be and we like to interact with employees firsthand.

3. Approaching Employees With the Big News

The way in which employees are approached can make an immense difference in their spirits, boost morale, and might actually make it somewhat enjoyable. All of these aspects of these aspects lead to a happier environment, in which, most people (employees/staff) are likely to flourish, thus increasing their productivity.


Announcing to your staff will be hard as you will have to gauge the reactions of your staff and distinguish those who are most likely not too interested. On the other hand, there might be a part of your staff that seems elated and light up or even motivated. Also, a checklist is always helpful!

4. Understand Your Staff’s Motivational Needs

This will give you more of an idea of how much work you will need to do in order to spike staff’s interest in the office relocation in order to increase productivity. Your delivery of your announcement will also need to be encouraging in order to get any reaction from your staff.

5. Allow Short Periods of Downtime

Although office moving can be a hectic time, you still don’t want to overwork your employees. Allow an area(s) for time away from the computer, simply for 5 to 10 minutes, this will increase staff’s productivity immensely and keep them more likely to focus. This kind of downtime, however short it may be, will be greatly appreciated by your employees and they will be more willing to help out.

6. Allow Some Laughter to Lighten the Mood

This tip also goes great along with simply laughter. Although you are in a place of business, this is a stressful time for your employees, so letting them have a little fun and laugh here and there will allow them to let their hair down, so to speak. If in a jovial mood they will feel more encouraged to help and assist in the office move.

7. Get Your Whole Team Involved

Getting your whole staff involved in the move is a great way to bond employees coming together. Every employee is an asset to your team with an individual, yet great ideas. By bringing everyone together, there is not only a feeling of closeness, but there is also a great way to promote ideas that employees were unable to share before such as how they would like their cubicles set up.


This is also an opportunity to get your shy employees out of their shell and get them involved in activities and ask about their opinions or ideas that might have. Again, this is yet another way to boost morale, excitement, and productivity during this stressful time.

8. Communicate Ideas With Staff & TCM

Sharing ideas is also a great way to communicate ideas to whoever is creating the office design. It’s important that the staff feels comfortable in their environment and surroundings. By bringing them together, the staff’s innovative and creative ideas can provide just the right office environment that will retain current employees, appeal to clients, and will increase employee productivity.

9. TCM’s Office Moving Can Help Bring Staff Closer

Once TCM has carefully moved and positioned your office furniture, computers, cubicles, and other office equipment properly, you and your entire team of staff will feel much better. Not only will the change of pace and environment increase staff satisfaction and productivity, but the experience will have also brought your staff together.

10. Have an Office Party With The Movers!

Bringing a team together not only creates and an enriched environment but also a positive one. Before getting back to work or even right after the move, you could have a party or even order pizza and hang out with our movers at TCM. We’re real people just like the ones we move and it would be the energy and motivational boost to finish off their office move before getting back into their work.

11. TCM Wants To Cultivate A Lasting Relationship

This is simply one facet of our commercial moving company that makes us different than most. We don’t just move your items from Point A to Point B, we want to manifest the best experience throughout the entire office relocation. TCM is about fostering a relationship built on trust, support, and our expertise in the office moving industry.

12. Why Choose TCM?

TCM is no ordinary commercial moving company. Our time efficiency and capability to handle any type of office move presented to us has made us a number one premier company in the industry. We can provide the best services out there by taking appropriate care of your goods as well as to offer guidance to make office moving better for the business and the employees.


A true distinguishable characteristic of TCM is the care, support, and understanding that our experienced and knowledgeable staff apply to every move, no matter how big, like the Emmy’s, or how small. We can provide the best services out there by taking appropriate care of your goods as well as to offer guidance to make office moving better for the business and the employees.