TCM’s Exclusive Storage Facility

TCM extends professional expertise beyond the delivery to accommodate businesses in need of storage, either short or long term. As professionals who take pride in their comprehensive knowledge, we can provide unique, safe, and convenient storage. Most importantly, we prioritize the safety of your business’ sensitive materials and/or other information. TCM will carefully store any items necessary with the same quality and care they were moved with.


Below are some examples of commercial, corporate, and office goods or materials that we carefully store in our premium facility:

Commercial Storage

Our commitment to providing excellence for our customers distinguishes TCM from others commercial, corporate, or office movers. With a storage facility that is immaculate and prestigious in both size and features, you can trust you’re commercial or business goods will be stored properly. With 32-ft high ceilings and 22,000 square feet of storage space, our impressive facility can accommodate commercial or corporate storage and security without hesitation.

We have cost-effective and flexible storage services where we can keep your goods inside a high-end and secure warehouse facility. TCM considers safety a priority in commercial moving, just as it should be when storing your items as well. Security and safe keeping is a key component to commercial storage. For security purposes, our storage facility is available by appointment only.

There are 29 cameras surveilling and recording our facility at all times with the intent of preventing and protecting the storage facility and the valuables it holds. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts maintains the properties and monitors each video surveillance recording. TCM also takes initiative by making sure these areas are well lit to reinforce safety measures.

For further protection, we provide a climate controlled storage facility that offers superior and safe storage that is designed with intent for holding office, business, or corporate goods. Our climate controlled facility addresses all the needs of a commercial mover. This component is imperative for businesses, which is why we protect your goods from environmental damage and maintain their good condition. If you have items such as documents, electronics, cubicles, and other equipment, it will be protected from humidity. TCM ensures that the storage humidity levels are maintained.

With TCM, you can trust in our ability, experience, and knowledge to store your goods appropriately and safely. Each item will be evaluated by our experts in order to ensure correct storage procedure.