Cubicle Movers for Commercial Moves

The cubicle installation process can be challenging. Not every commercial moving company prepares for the task of moving cubicles. Although you would think this would be the case, it isn’t always. The Commercial Movers is prepared for this task in any size in which it may present itself. Many offices have cubicles and such work cubicles should be moved with special care. This is to ensure that the office space environment will be moved safely in addition to caring for the investment. When you are in need of this assistance, you need to get in touch with us. This will allow us to understand the fundamentals necessary to move cubicles. It is important for you to notify The Commercial Movers so we can assist in cubicle equipment and assembly and disassembly. This would require special equipment that we have on hand for your office space cubicle.


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Cubicle Installation


In order for us to deliver the cubicle that you are expecting to have in the new location, we will work from the blueprint of the office cubicle design. This will minimize any sort of interruptions. You must pre-plan the cubicle design layout by getting measurements of rooms that they will be placed in. We should be able to do this easily, with standard configurations. Unless you’d like a reconfiguration, in which different parts may be needed.


We guarantee that we will work from the blueprint of the office cubicle design when delivering the expected cubicle in the new location. Utilizing a pre-planned design will minimize interruptions by securing the measurements of the rooms the office cubicles Los Angeles will be in. Following the standard cubicle dimensions, we can easily advance with this process. However, if you’d like a reconfiguration different parts may be needed. If you need to move cubicles, Los Angeles, TCM will be there to help.


Do you not have the blueprint? That’s no issue. Before any installation, our highly skilled staff can work hand in hand to construct a cubicle arrangement that tailors to your needs. We can also contact the office cubicle manufacturer if needed. Cubicle installation companies always have the necessary configuration instructions. It is important to know cubicle dimensions before installing cubicles as well. TCM will ensure that all moving cubicles are handled according to cubicle arrangement directions.


We have professional and trained technicians that are seasoned when it comes to installing such equipment. We have already worked on several cubicle manufacturers and modern cubicle designs in the past and thus we will be all set to begin the move right away.

Reconfiguring of New or Used Cubicles 

Would you like to move your current cubicles? Are you having a hard time figuring out the way to layout or maximize your space to have drawing required by the installers? Just sit back and let our reconfiguration and installation professionals aid you in developing an office cubicle layout.

Office Cubicle Installation

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Cubicle relocations are not the same due to so many different cubicle manufacturers. Cubicle manufacturers build their units with different connecting pieces and different equipment connections. This means special tools are necessary. Similar to when you move your office furniture, there is no standard, thus each office has a different type or brand of furniture. To run special cubicle moving equipment, a certain skill set is required in order to relocate in an efficient, safe, and effective manner. The staff of The Commercial Movers has all the required equipment to disassemble, move, and reassemble the office cube. This way employees can start working in a cubicle the next day.


The Commercial Movers are the experts that you can rely on in regards to proper pre-planning of relocation. It is important to make sure that once the product reaches the new place, the installation is completed immediately. This is without any need to search or re-stack the product. We are the best commercial moving company in Los Angeles. You can trust us with your workplace and cubicle moving.


Cubicle Installer and Workstations 

You don’t have to dread you Office Furniture Installation


When you relocate to a new office, you do not expect that your business will need to encounter a full stop of operations. Your business can come to a complete stop if you choose a disreputable company for your move. It may leave your cubicle layout and furniture systems in disarray. Moving from office to cubicle can cause some confusion. However, the good news is that any sort of moving and storage need within Southern California can now rest assured The Commercial Movers. The entirety your office supplies and equipment can be moved under specialized individuals in the field. The skilled personnel of our company can meticulously move your workstations to your new office. We will also take charge of panels, file cabinets, table tops, and the disassembly of overhead compartments.


If needed, we can help in the reconfiguration of the cubicle to suit the layout and size of the new work area. If there is a need to reconfigure, we can view the system to decipher the model, manufacturer, version, and also the proposed configuration of the unit. Do not worry if you might need another team to do the configurations. If you simply need extra workstations or you have extra inventory, meeting your moving and storage needs throughout Lost Angeles is easy. The Commercial Movers are trustworthy when it comes to performing a professional move right on schedule. Hiring an expert to do the appropriate installation of cubicles can get office life up and running. In turn, this helps save money for both the consumer and the moving company. If you are experiencing an office move, there is no need to fret, as we are always ready to help.


We are aware that most office panels also come with built-in electric outlets. In this case, it may be advisable to contact an electrician to conduct safe on-site disconnection of electrical feed. This will ensure that safety is a top priority. With our moving and installer experts, you can relax and feel confident about your move. With deep rooted experience in just about, all basic furniture systems available in the market will make your move swift.


When you go with The Commercial Movers, you will not have to ask how to disassemble office cubicles. We offer all of the help you need to get the job done. Give us a call today!


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Our Process

Having experience with a moving company elsewhere, our team is brilliantly trained and more than competent to work hand in hand with our installers. This is crucial in making sure that every step of the moving process goes according to the agreed plan. If you need a complex reconfiguration or just a simple installation, you can trust that we will deliver our best every timeRegardless of cubicle sizes, we are confident in our team’s knowledgeable insight into the process and installation of any cubicle. Whether it is large cubicle farms over the entire floor or whether it is a single small office cubicle, it can be handled. 


We have the most current and up to date configuration inventory allowing us to work with you in configuring your new workplace. To ensure that the reconfiguration is completed properly, we will order any parts or panels required.

We will almost always give you recommendations to do the electric configurations as they pose a safety hazard during a move. It is important to check into other service providers that may need to be present at the time of the set-up. This way, when fitting the cubicle and installing office furniture, we ensure safety takes precedence.

Office VS Cubicle

If you are a growing company and are increasing your office size, you may be having employees moving from an office to a cubicle or vice versaGive these employees the office cubicle dimensions of their new private cubicles in an email. One day before the move, ask them to pack their belongings into plastic crates or cardboard boxes. They must account for their own inventory before the movers arrive to ensure that all of their items are transported correctly. Next, a number and/or department should be assigned to each employee’s station. In addition, they should put that number in their boxes or other items to make the move to a new work area easier and much more accurate. This is to ensure employees receive their belongings in an organized fashion.


We are here to help so please call or email any question you may have.