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Office Moving Services

Moving an office can be an arduous, stressful and time-consuming task. Offices in general are slightly more difficult to move, as there are so many more moving parts to coordinate and organize than a home move. Planning ahead will male the process run far more smoothly and help you to get your brand new office up and running in no time! When looking for office moving services, follow these expert tips to keep you on track, before, during and after your office move!
Before the big move

  • Make sure you give yourself ample time before your big day to be fully prepared. For large corporations, three months is ideal.
  • Ask the important and prudent questions to figure out your current situation, moving needs assets and goals. Schedule a meeting with your movers for a walk through and to finalize your move schedule.
  • Delegate responsibility and form a team to supervise staff during the move. Turn towards staff that you trust that will be able to follow through with their responsibilities in a calm, organized and professional manner. It would also be helpful to assign individuals to be at the new office during the move to answer questions and supervise the process.
  • Decide on and finalize the floor plan for your new office and assign colored labels, tape or stickers for the corresponding departments. Give these to your movers to ensure that all the right boxes and office items end up in the right spaces. Be sure to label not only all boxes, but all items of furniture and equipment too. Give all employees a copy of the floor plan with all furniture placement including things like plants, to keep everyone informed and reduce stress on the big day.
  • Prepare memorandum packets for your staff member that provides and outlines the moving schedule, new office address, a list of contact names and telephone numbers and instructions for discarding or shredding unnecessary documents, miscellaneous papers and equipment. Also, schedule a staff meeting to go over moving day requirements and to familiarize your employees with any new changes as well as to inform them what will be expected of them throughout the moving process.
  • Take stock of all important or valuable items and make note of any pre-existing damaged items, make a list of all of your high-value items.
  • Make sure that all filing cabinets are locked or securely sealed. Pack away items on bookshelves, desks and cupboards in boxes.
  • Make sure the Internet connection and power is on before you move in so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

During the move.

  • Trust in your moving company. They are trained in providing excellent office moving services.
  • Conduct a last minute meeting with the members of staff that will be supervising the move and address any last minute needs. Keep the lines of communication open with all staff members the week leading up to and during the move to ensure that the process is moving forward smoothly.
  • Consider acquiring and utilizing two-way radios and cell phones during the move.
  • Take inventory of any existing damage to walls and flooring, then install floor protection and doorjambs if needed.
  • Conduct a complete and final walk-through of the site you recently vacated with your movers to ensure that everything needed was moved.

After the big move.

  • Confer with supervisors and compare checklists to ensure that every task was accomplished.
  • Take inventory of any pieces of furniture or items that may have been damaged during the move.
  • Relax! You deserve it!

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