Emmy Movers for the Academy

The Commercial Movers is proud to say we are the exclusive mover of the Emmy Awards show in Los Angeles, CA.


Our ability to handle any moving and relocation is constantly demonstrated in each move through our professionalism, expertise, and accommodation no matter what we are presented with. With our level of experience and proficiency combined with our prestigious equipment has provided us with the opportunity to work with the rich and famous throughout the greater Los Angeles area. This alone has distinguished TCM as a high-profile commercial moving company with a reputation for excellence well-known within the commercial moving and storage industry throughout the nation, especially located in Los Angeles.


One of the largest and highest-profile moves that our team has taken as of current was providing services at the Emmy Award statue moving. This simply exhibited the quality value of our tailored services that are designed with special equipment and a trained professional team prepared for any type of commercial move and of course storage, if necessary. Our experienced team of off-site movers, as well as upper management, all used their expertise to work hand in hand to perform a most successful move seamlessly. This proves that yet again, there is no company quite like The Commercial Movers.


We were flattered and pleased with all the positive comments, like one from the stage manager of the Emmy Awards saying, “We’ve never been able to set this place up so fast before.” It is with great pride that we offer the best services available. We take great pride in our professional partnership we have in regards to the Emmys and Academy organization. Working with a high scale relocation job such as the Emmy Awards, our dedication to our mission becomes prominent. High scale jobs such as this show our commitment to providing each customer with the best relocation services, regardless of size, expense, special equipment required, or storage.


As featured on both KCAL 9 and KTLA 5 news channels in Los Angeles, CA, The Commercial Movers gained some publicity as the exclusive professionals moving Emmy Awards. We always appreciate their business, and it was a pleasure for all us at TCM to experience and work with every individual that made it so successful. With the Emmy Awards coming up next month, we are excited to be invited back as a result of our exclusive, professional, and elite abilities and services. As we prepare for the upcoming event, our team is once again enthusiastic to accommodate and be part of another successful awards event and we’re ready as always to meet the special requirements of this special awards event.


They already know that TCM to provide them with superior services, specialty equipment, and professionalism. As a high profile event, they are aware of their needs, resulting in flawless communication and advanced planning. We also offer exclusive storage, 22,000 sq. ft., climate controlled, and with 29 security cameras that are recording 24/7. We can evaluate, assess, and accommodate any needs or requirements that high-profile moves and provide the best services necessary for the move.


Additionally, we offer the best rates possible for all of our customers.


We encourage any studios or industry to contact us for assistance with your moving needs. We invite every industry in the Southern California area to contact us and order an on-site estimate free of charge. We will set up the desired needs of your corporation during the move. This consists of the reorganization of cubicles, offices, or the handling of any technical needs. With the right plan, we can get your company up and run as fast as possible.