Do I Need Office Moving Insurance?

Office Moving Insurance


The answer is yes. If you are in a high-rise building or normally corporate office buildings require it. A certificate of insurance for the building is issued and the building name is added on as an additional insurer. Insured moving makes all the difference in the event of damage during the move.

Office Moving Building Insurance


When a building requests office building insurance from the tenant, the building or management will ask for this. Be informed. If you are asked for additional insurers, we need to purchase moving insurance from a sales team.

Remember, not all moving companies provide additional insurance. This is because it is not a requirement by the DOT or PUC (Transportation GOV).

We have this insurance; tell us what the required amount is. Usually, the amount is 1 to 2 million. We do charge $65.00 per additional insurers.

 What is a COI?

certificate of insurance provides the specifics of insurance coverage. This certificate also acts as verification for insurance. Typically, this certificate contains important policy information such as the policy number, the names of those insured, and the different types and limits of coverage. You can also find the period in which the policy is effective.

Do I Need to Request a Certificate of Insurance?


Yes, we should be told in the office about extra insurance necessities in advance. Some buildings are strict and request a copy before moving work is allowed in the building.

Adding more insurance is done by the insurance company. We are subject to the insurance companies schedule so we like to have this information ahead of time before we turn up to the job site. A copy of the certificate can be taken by the foreman with the bill of lading to the job site. We have the option to email this as well. If you are having a night move, consequently, insurance must be done and sent before the crew is dispatched. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the appropriate parties have received proper paperwork. If a crew is dispatched, then the customer with being charged for the appropriate time. Although we (TCM) offer building insurance, most household moving companies do not hold building insurance.

How To Get a Certificate of Insurance for Move?

A certificate of insurance for moving can be given to you by your sales representative. It is important that you get this certificate prior to beginning the move. It is critical that you have proof of insurance on site. In the event of any mistake, the certificate of insurance your sales representative will give you is going to be very useful. It is highly valued because it contains your policy number as well as other information pertaining to your insurance coverage.

When we email you the building insurance, please download insurance certificate for doorman in the building. Moving companies insurance operates to protect the customer from any problematic issues that could arise when moving. If anything were to get lost or damaged, insurance would cover it. Movers make it their goal to protect the customer.

Thank you, please feel free to call and inquire about building insurance.