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Corporate Relocation


Corporate relocation sounds like such a sterile and brutal activity, but it can actually be quite fun. While “corporate relocation fun” may sound like a paradox, like anything else in life- with proper planning and execution, it can be an exciting experience. But how?

First of all, the concept of corporate is all about moving up the ladder. Whether you are an individual starting in the mail room and working your way towards a higher position, or you are the President expanding the company- this movement is a sign of growth and success. It’s always good to plan ahead for an office moving. So when a business communicates plans to undergo corporate relocation, there should be cheers instead of jeers heard round the conference room.

After all the necessary celebrations are held in honor of this giant step forward, the question is now about planning. What do you need to know to plan your corporate relocation appropriately? While moving up is great, business never sleeps. The relocation should take place as quickly and efficiently as possible, to prevent any losses. For example, a corporate owned yoga studio had planned relocation from Santa Monica to Hollywood to summer 2013, but due to setbacks did not complete relocation until December 2013. The loss in time resulted in a loss of money, in the form of investors pulling out of the project. The studio suffered from an interruption in business, income, and consumers for 6 months! These are some consequences that result from poor planning and execution. Avoid being a victim of poorly planned corporate relocation, success and fun will follow. The first step in planning should be setting a strict itinerary for your moving goals.

Corporate Relocation Itinerary:

  1. Date relocation officially starts (must already have an inventory of all items)
  2. Date relocation must be fully completed.
  3. Temporary corporate management model, while business is on the move. Make sure you have this planned out in detail, so as to ensure that business continues to run smooth during the relocation process. Think of the temporary situation as a field trip from the office.

After the necessary planning points have been addressed, execution is the next item on the corporate relocation agenda. Execution is where all the fun lies in this entire process, and here’s why: Corporate Relocation Movers. There’s no way the employees of a corporation should be asked to facilitate the physical aspect of a relocation process, that would be grounds for a lawsuit. The beauty in hiring an outside moving company is that the members of the corporation can enjoy the field trip that is their temporary business management situation! For all that is known, this temporary business management situation could be a beach house in Malibu. The biggest decision in corporate relocation movers? Choosing the right company.

Corporate Relocation Movers: How to choose the right one:

  1. Is the company licensed?
  2. What are the moving fees, and do they scale depending on days of the week?
  3. What access to customer service do you have?
  4. How inclusive are their services? (packing, crating, delivery)
  5. Do they provide pre-move inspections and estimates?

The Commercial Movers provides a “yes” to all the items on this checklist. In order to achieve the ideal execution in corporate relocation, The Commercial Movers is the moving company to manage all corporate issues. They can even start at the back-end with planning, as their pre-move inspections help itemize and map all aspects of the move. When it comes to corporate relocation, the choice is fun when the moving company is right.

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