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Advice for Corporate Moving

When it comes to corporate moving, there are two challenges: the size of the move, and getting business back up and running as quickly as possible. Because of this, you can’t settle for half-rate companies who might not be able to provide the best quality of service and lightning speed work. Picking the perfect corporate movers is all about doing your research and knowing what to look for from a professional and reputable company, so you know you can trust your corporate movers when you’ve left your work in their hands.

Corporate Movers – Finding the Professionals

Finding the best corporate movers for your unique commercial move is all about knowing what you need from a professional company. Office moving isn’t all that unlike residential moving, but there are a few slight differences. These differences include the following:

  • Run through the office relocation checklist before you get started.
  • Parking for your moving truck is essential. To avoid a long-carry fee and extra stress on the day of your move, make sure you have blocked off or reserved a few of the closest parking spaces to your front door in order to accommodate your moving truck. If there are stairs or elevators involved, be sure to notify your moving company ahead of time so they may bring the correct tools and equipment to overcome any obstacles they might encounter.
  • Make sure that your IT department disconnects all phones, computers, etc. ahead of time, as your moving company will not be permitted to perform this task.
  • Appoint a small team of employees to be present on the day of the move to maintain order during the process, and equip them with a list of names and phone numbers of people that can be contacted should any problems or concerns arise.
  • To ensure that no mishaps occur on the day of your move, make sure you do a thorough and final walkthrough of your new office in advance to make certain that there are no repairs that need to be made or renovations that still need to be done.
  • To avoid confusion and maintain efficiency during the unloading process, provide your moving company with a floor plan of your new office ahead of time with labels that coincide with the labels on your boxes, which will cut down your moving time and keep everything running smoothly.

Corporate Movers – The Commercial Movers

If you’re looking for professional, experienced corporate movers, then The Commercial Movers is the company for you. We are national company with a staff of moving industry experts, from our professional moving consultants and customer service representatives, who are able to assist you in the planning of your move as well as tend to any problems or concerns that might arise, to our movers themselves, who work hard to provide the best quality of service to every move.

When you choose to work with The Commercial Movers, you can count on exceptional service and satisfaction from a company that truly cares about your moving experience. We will absorb all of your stresses and provide a top quality standard of work. We will also tailor our services to your unique corporate moving needs, so you can count on us to be your one-stop shop corporate movers.

At The Commercial Movers, we offer a wide range of basic services and specialty services alike, and all of supplies and equipment are the best quality and industry leading, so you know that even your most fragile office items will be well protected when you leave them in our care. We offer a free, no-obligation quote determined by our professional in-office moving consultants, so call The Commercial Movers today and find out why we’re the best corporate movers in the business.

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