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Electronics and Computer Moving Services for Businesses in Los Angeles, CA

Are you in need of a reliable computer movers company that can assist in moving your computers or electronics in Los Angeles? Then look no further because The Commercial Movers are here to help. We are very aware of your valuable assets and equipment and therefore we provide an unparalleled level of care, treating them as if they were our own. Established in 2009, our company has since been acquiring enormous experience. This is especially true when it comes to moving different computer systems and electrical devices. This is for any business in varying companies. We are very proud to say that you will not be able to find the same level of service that we can offer your business.


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Having skilled people who cater to commercial moves, they are experts when it comes to transferring electrical devices for Los Angeles clientsWe can guarantee that your high-end devices will get the care that it deserves while being transferred from the old office to the new oneAdditionally, our crews in commercial moving only drive top quality trucks built with features that help safely facilitate smooth relocation.


* For flawless loading and unloading of equipment, we will use lift gates.

* To prevent the electronics from being jostled during transport, air ride suspension will employ.

*To make sure electronics are not at risk to a sudden shift of temperatures, climate controls are provided.

* To keep track of your belongings, there will be GPS tracking that you can monitor. The Commercial Movers can help in almost all aspects of commercial moving, regardless of whether it is local or long distance. This may include the disassembly and reassembly of office equipment, inventory of assets, safe storage and much more.

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We’d like to ensure that your computers will be transported safely. If you’re still worried, make sure you back up your data. Before you begin the packing process, make sure to back up in several locations as a precaution.  You may also consider moving the computers under your own supervision if you are concerned.

Please take into account that if you personally move a computer, you will be responsible for your own supervision.

Pack It Like a Manufacturer Would

If you plan on packing your computer on your own, you need to remember how companies like Lenovo or Dell pack them when they are sold. Keep in mind how you received the computer when it was shipped to you. How did they wrap and cushion it? What was the possible size of the box they used? You may need bubble wrap, packing paper, and any other cushion to ensure everything packed securely. Cushions and padding must surround the equipment while in the box. In the video above, you will see the best way to pack mid-tower with peripherals. This is by using packing materials that you may already have. When your PC is custom built, you should locate a box that can perfectly fit the size of the case.

Best Way to Do This?

Use the original computer boxes if you kept it or locate another actual box of a computer if possible. You may find one in your office. You may want to inquire from one of your IT department staff about it. You may even ask friends and families if they have one. The sides should be reinforced and sealed with tape. The PC must be cushioned accordingly so as to travel well. Styrofoam inserts can also be used effectively. This could cut and be used to fit the system to keep it in place as you travel.

If space is still available, put your keyboard, mouse, headset, and other equipment in the same box. Of course, proper cushioning must be inserted. Putting labels on the cables and wrapping each with bubble wrap may also be necessary. Several moving companies sell anti-static bags and computer boxes. You may no longer need such supplies, but it will definitely add up to further securing your devices. In terms of protection, when you will rely on movers, be sure that you get insurance for your devices and do not forget to ensure your computer.

For those with experience in disassembling PC’s and other customized rigs, it specialized movers can be the best option to take when moving. Simply rebuilding on the new location can ensure that all pieces will be handled securely, no matter how small. For others, this may appear like a huge task. However, this method can be the best way to protect the essential components of the PC like its processor, motherboard, and such equipment. If you choose to move this way, ensure to use anti-static bags and ensure safe wrapping practices by using bubble wrap and other cushions. It can be lots of work yet can also be quite fun for some to rebuild the computer on their own. With us, there is no need to worry about damaging the computer and losing small pieces in the case. By following through with a thorough packing and labeling job, you are less likely to experience any trouble during your move.


How to Use Computer Equipment Movers: The Complete Guide

Assembling your computer from scratch can give you the best machine to meet your needs.

If you are not familiar with the relocation process or you need to use it immediately, you may want to remove the essential components. Keep components such as your hard drive inside your bag to ensure that your data is safe and sound. If you want to save on time we can send a crew of IT equipment moves to get it done.


No matter what method you use, always keep in mind to pack your PC with caution. Imagine if you were packing a brand new PC that needs shipping to a customer. You always need to ensure that it will reach the new place safe and sound. Do not overlook the benefit you can get when you use bubble wraps, cushions, pads, foam inserts and others. If you think it needs more, add a little more. After all, you will be the one who will reap its benefit in the end. Computer equipment storage is a possibility in our Los Angeles warehouse for short or long term at a cost effective price.


Do you have an in-house server you need to be moved or stored? We want to be the company to move and store your servers. Entrust us with your moving needs, as we specialize in computer relocation services.